Bakery Hill Peated Single Malt 500mL (46% ABV)
Bakery Hill Peated Single Malt 500mL (46% ABV) bakery hill peated single malt Australian whisky
Single Cask, Small Batch.
Matured in American Oak
  • Colour: Rich, golden russet.
  • Nose: A subdued peat aroma combined with natural leather and overtones of kumquat and fruit mince tart. Sweet, but not overly so.
  • Palate: The palate reveals a tobacco leaf earthiness with layer upon layer of complex smoke intermingling with toffee and honeycomb. Lingers on the lips and palate, demanding just one more sip.
  • Finish: Astonishingly long and complex, an exotic mix of experiences.
  • Size: 500ml
  • ABV: approx 46%

Bakery Hill Peated 46%
Score 93/100
"Soft peat harmonises with intense malt, deftly weighted and oozing class. There is a teasing gentleness to the smoke that borders on eroticism, the sweetness is refined and layered with oak piling in the riches... 
Virtually every phase of this malt works fabulously, a truly wonderful piece of distilling and maturation"