Bakery Hill "A Wisp of Smoke" *Limited Release **LAST BOTTLES
A Wisp of Smoke - 2008's very best.
*Limited Release
Peated and at 51.7% this was selected as the best release of the year. Whereas most peated malt whiskies are very up front with their peat character, "A Wisp of Smoke" is quite the opposite.
The peat is there but curling in and around the stunning character of the malt. You will not be confronted by peat, but rather are entranced by the soft and gentle leather, blue cheese, soft cedar all wrapped up in the characteristic sweetness of Bakery Hill's Malts.
At almost 10 years old, Cask 106 (barrelled in 2008) is one of exemplary maturity for its age.
  • Nose: Rich pipe tobacco, soft leather and apricots with fresh green apple and a hint of linseed oil and cedar.
  • Palate: Salted caramel, sweet melon and dried apple. An intriguing hint of gorgonzola dolce piques interest.
  • Finish: Immensely complex, fresh and salty. It just pleads for another sip whilst long waxy legs wrapping themselves around the glass. 
  • Size: 500ml
  • ABV: approx 51.7%