Bakery Hill Classic Single Malt CS 60% *Limited stock available
*Limited stock available
Single Cask, Small Batch.
American Oak Bourbon Barrels (ex Jack Daniels)
  • Colour: Rich amber gold.
  • Nose: An intensely sweet satin smooth malt with overtones of vanilla, almond meal and jaffa.
  • Palate: The palate is reminiscent of spiced orange Turkish Delight, with a fresh mouth cleansing zestiness all intermingled with malty cereal and cocoa. Rich and sweet without being cloying. A brilliant balance of sensations..
  • Finish: The finish is deep and enveloping with lingering malt richness.
  • Size: 500ml
  • ABV: Approx 60%

Bakery Hill Classic Malt, Cask Strength.60%
Score 92/100
Nose, a distinct Speyside style with fresh grasses and citric fruits linking with delicate vanilla for a beautiful aroma.
Almost unbelievable barley intensity, but wonderful cocoa background.
that wonderful cocoa theme continues but again the barley is spot on.
there are about 20 distilleries in Speyside that would die to be able to make whisky this stunningly integrated.
Young, barely pubescent but sheer, unadulterated class.