Bakery Hill Classic Single Malt 46%
Single Cask, Small Batch.
American Oak Bourbon Barrels (ex Jack Daniels)
  • Colour: Light translucent gold.
  • Nose: A complex sweet multi layering of green apples, spiced honey with just a hint of cider.
  • Palate: The flavour ramps up kaleidoscopically from nutmeg through spiced honey to a firm cereal with a malty richness layered on as a finale.
  • Finish: Mouth filling, smooth and lingering, leaving a satisfying warmth. Inspection of the glass reveal amazingly luscious legs of this superb malt whisky.
  • Size: 500ml
  • ABV: approx 46%

Bakery Hill Classic 46%
Score 93/100
Nose, enough citrus to start a vitamin C factory, beautifully refreshing with pulsating malts.
Taste, salivating and fresh with continuous waves of young clean barley with not all the new make element completely lost.
Finish, major complexity here as the oak inches itself in with vanilla sheen, but the malt refuses to fade.
Balance, just so beautiful.