Bakery Hill Double Wood Single Malt 46%
Single Barrel, Small Batch
American Oak Bourbon Barrels, finished in European French Oak
  • Colour: A rich burnished bronze.
  • Nose: The nose opens with the slightest hint of apricot, coconut and plum, going on to reveal an intermingling of golden syrup and plum pudding warmed by the spicy hint of cloves.
  • Palate: Subdued, mouth filling with orange marmalade overtones with the characteristic rich nougat sweetness and well balanced oak.
  • Finish: Rounded, well finished and lingering to the very end.
  • Size: 500ml
  • ABV: approx 46%

Bakery Hill Double Wood 46%
Score 92/100
Nose, some major citrus and grapes makes inroads into oaky alt. a wisp of smoke or my imagination.
Taste, more of the same with a fruit cakey feel now, complete with a slight doughyness to the malt, big busy middle.
Finish, long classy finish with some further length and weight.
Balance, high class whisky is high class whisky wherever it's made.
Get it up to body temperature and marvel.