Thornbury candle co x bakery hill barrel aged candles

Thornbury Candle Co's house blended Barrel Aged Whisky scented candles will remind you of being in a dimly lit basement bar sipping on a fine whiskey before heading home. Unique, smoky and very sexy scents, these are the candles you definitely want burning to set the mood.

We have 2 types of Barrel Aged Whisky Candle available-

Original Whisky - 380g

Starting off with a strong malt and musky amber base, splashes of citrus, tobacco and cardamon are added to a whiskey barrel to bring out the smokiness of a fine aged whiskey.

Peated - 380g

Packing more smoke than a Drake concert, our small batch release of Double Peat is made for the smoky lovers among us. Whether you're a peated whisky enthusiast, or just enjoy things a little against the grain, this smoky twist on our signature Barrel Aged Whisky candle is best served neat.

All materials sourced here in Australia.

Soy wax.