TBWC Collaboration Bottling
TBWC Collaboration Bottling TBWC Collaboration Bottling

The Boutique-y Whisky Company (TBWC) are an independent bottler based in the UK who have worked with many of the top whisky distilleries around the world.

TBWC source single barrels from distilleries, and bottle at their desired ABV, and are (in)famous for their unique and beautifully designed labels. The labels tend to highlight "in-jokes" from each distillery, and have become collectors items themselves across the world. 

We are very proud to present the Bakery Hill & The Boutique-y Whisky Company collaboration bottling. We have presented a beautifully peated Australian single malt whisky, aged for 5 years in an American Oak ex-Jack Daniels barrel. This barrel then sailed the seven seas all the way to the UK for careful casking and bottling. 

With only 429 bottles available worldwide (only a fraction of those available in Australia) - get in quick to secure your piece of Bakery Hill and Australian Whisky history! 

Sweet, creamy peat. A little fruit mince tart, with banana

The palate reveals a tobacco leaf earthiness with layer upon layer of complex smoke intermingling with toffee and honeycomb. Lingers on the lips and palate, demanding just one more sip.

Astonishingly long and complex, an exotic mix of experiences.



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    Peat Level

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    About The Label

    An ex-high school chemistry teacher turned distiller gave us the perfect opportunity to get a ‘Breaking Bad’ theme to this label.

    We’ve set the scene in the Australian outback, and the Winnabago is full of casks. Founder David Baker has a spirit thief in his hand, and son Andrew is in the hazmat suit. 

    Andrew seems to be stamping on an old miner’s licence. It’s a historical reference to the Eureka Stockade in 1854 in a place called Bakery Hill.

    Spoiler alert, the whisky isn’t blue…