Bakery Hill is a fiercely independent, family-owned Australian craft distillery. Our name was inspired by the Eureka Stockade and we’ve carried this sense of rebellion into our whisky making for over 20 years.

Our whiskies have been acclaimed as some of Australia’s best and sit comfortably at the table of the best whiskies from around the world. To do this, all our ingredients, processes and culture stem from putting the quality of our whisky first.

We don’t apologise for maturing our whiskies longer than most other Australian distilleries. We do not blend barrels. We only bottle when the whisky in barrel is perfect. And we will only sell the whisky we have when it represents the best of what we can achieve - David Baker

Signature Range

Our Signature range are the whiskies David Baker has been perfecting since he created Bakery Hill distillery in 1999. These iconic single malts were created as proof we could make world class whiskies here in Australia and have consistently collected medals and accolades for over 20 years. 

Staying true to the classic whiskies of the highlands of Scotland, we use only malted barley, yeast and water, and malts are matured for around 6-8 years in American oak ex-bourbon barrels. 

These are hand crafted whiskies, designed for whisky lovers.


Our Seasonal range explores different flavour profiles and unique stories - often as a result of unique barrel selections. We are excited to showcase our close partnerships with local wineries and breweries in producing whiskies highlighting exquisite combinations of nose, flavour, and texture. 

Each of these whiskies become available “seasonally” which may be in 2-4 year rotations. Taste each batch of our seasonal whiskies and enjoy how the experience shapes and soars over time. 

Rare Releases

These whiskies are like mining for gold, they can be a flash in the pan. Single casks of unique variety or unmatched age, available once only. 

Our Rare releases celebrate the finest distillations, most celebrated casks, and enjoy extended maturation to produce truly stunning expressions of Australian Single Malt whisky.