Unique in the whisky world, we handcraft each of our whiskies from single cask, to produce malt of outstanding character, consistency and detail.

Bakery Hill Distillery was established 1999/2000 to prove a point - that great single malt whiskies could be made outside of Scotland, and specifically in Australia. Over the next 3 or 4 years the distillery perfected its processes and crafted three unique single malt whiskies acclaimed both within Australia and around the Whisky world.

Not only has Bakery Hill managed to consistently produce world class whiskies but our name has spread around the world with a constant stream of visitors from all over the globe, France, Sweden, Germany, Russia, UK and America not to mention all the states here in Australia.

With increasing desire for craft spirits both within Australia and overseas, the distillery has focused heavily on maximizing production in order to satisfy the ever expanding demand for our products.

As well as selling our malts to exclusive high-quality outlets throughout Australia, we have exported to France, Germany. Sweden as well as the UK. Unfortunately, the local demand has meant that currently all exports have been reduced in volume just to supply the local market

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Your last chance to experience Australian whisky distilling history. As we commence building and fit out works on our new Kensington home, this is your last chance to visit the original home of Bakery Hill Distillery – 20 Gatwick Rd, Bayswater North.

Whisky Tastings

We expertly tailor and host whisky tasting events for work breakups, birthdays or even just getting your friends together to enjoy a Single Malt and learn about the wonderful world of whisky. Contact us for further information