We're speculating that you either reside or work in this vicinity, or perhaps you're simply a carefree passerby. Nevertheless, curiosity has piqued your interest, and you're eager to discover what's happening here, who we are, and our purpose in this place.

Good news is we have some answers for you.

Who are we?

Bakery Hill is a fiercely independent, family owned craft distillery. We have been making whisky for over 20 years and are Australias oldest mainland distillery.

What are we doing here?

You are currently standing in front of the site where our brand-new distillery and bar will soon stand. After dedicating 20 years to perfecting our craft and producing award-winning whiskies in Bayswater, we have made the exciting decision to relocate and establish our new home here in Kensington. Below, you can see a visual representation of our upcoming distillery and our vision for its future.

Want to experience more?

We will be hosting a series of tours that will run you through our plans for this site, Our process and some of our products.

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