Online Masterclass

Create your very own interactive online masterclass with the makers behind Bakery Hill – the oldest continuing whisky distillery in mainland Australia.
You’ll be guided through five unique tastings to explore the variety and complexity of single malt whiskies we create onsite in our Melbourne distillery.

The tasting is hosted by the Bakery Hill creators and distillers, so you’ll also receive behind the scenes insights into our history, how we create new products, our distilling and ageing process and much more. It’s a genuinely interactive session, so bring all your questions and get ready to meet some new friends along the way.
All masterclass guests also receive special access to ‘distillery only’ prices for purchases through the online store.

We will send your tasting kit via post once your booking is complete. Login information will be sent via email prior to the event.
Email or call 03 97617216 to arrange your personal online whisky experience