Our Values

AB and DB

Here at Bakery Hill we have several core principles that drive everything we do. From how we make our whiskies, to our event management, service offering and relationships with suppliers and customers. We firmly believe and live these principles:

We are Australian, and we are Victorian

We are first and foremost Australian whisky, and we are proud of what we as company and the Australian Beer, Wine and Spirits industry has achieved and will continue to achieve.

Taking our queues from the Eureka Stockade, the company was created in protest to the old adage that great whisky could only be produced in Scotland. Australia’s natural climate and wealth of resources complimented by our pioneering spirit in challenging the establishment and doing it with natural flair and excitement is what we are all about.

Whilst Tasmania has been in the news for Whisky over the last decade, here in Victoria is where the action will be in the next decade. Councils and government are pushing us distilleries to challenge breweries and wineries for unique experiences here in the state.

We are very proud to be the oldest and most established Single Malt on mainland Australia, and one of only a few Single Malt Distilleries in the Melbourne Metro region.

Our Focus is on Quality

Our whiskies have been acclaimed as some of Australia’s best and sit comfortable at the table of the best whiskies from around the world. To do this, all our ingredients, processes and culture stem from putting the quality of our whisky first.

We don’t apologise for maturing our whiskies longer than most other Australian distilleries. We do not blend barrels. We only bottle when the whisky in barrel is perfect. And we will only sell the whisky we have when it represents the best of what we can achieve. We control all points of manufacture from brewing the wash all the way to the bottling of your favourite style.

Our Marketing, events and company profile will all be driven by the quality of the whisky we have available, and we will grow these areas of the business in line with the amount of quality whisky we have available.

We Love to Educate – It’s not all about “The air and the water”

Whisky is not magic, it’s a natural process that can be explained as easily as brewing beer.

Stemming from over a decade of experience in High School education, David Baker is as much a Whisky Educator (and Entertainer) as he is a master distiller.

For too long Australian’s have simply not known what Single Malt Whisky is, or they have been brainwashed by the Scottish marketing machine. We are in the business of setting things straight.

We have been running Whisky Masterclasses for over 10 years and educated thousands of people in that time on whisky production, guided tastings, and dispelling the marketing myths that have pervaded the industry for decades. And because of these personal interactions we have huge numbers of fans who are supporting us and following our every move.

These days our customers want to know what they are drinking, how it is made, where the ingredients have come from and above else, they want an experience.

We value independence

A core pillar of our culture is the promotion and support of independent retailers, bars and restaurant operators with a major focus on the highest quality of produce and ethics. We will continue to focus sales on the best independent restaurants, bars and clubs as well as in-house distillery sales.

We have been fortunate in that we have been able to be selective of our where our whiskies are sold, and we will continue to promote retailers with a high focus on Customer Service, Education, and craft artisan beers, wine and spirits.

We treat everyone with respect

This is a non-negotiable. If you are a supplier, we will pay you on time. If you are customer we explain everything in the level of detail you would like, we value your feedback and opinions.  We are hugely welcoming of people beginning their whisky journeys as well as catering for the experienced whisky connoisseurs looking for a challenge.

And we will price our products ethically and responsibly. We do not charge excessive prices just because we can. We choose to price so as to allow as many people as possible to be able to try and fall in love with our whiskies.