Little French Pete
Little French Pete Little French Pete Little French Pete Little French Pete

Limited Extended Aged Release (13 years)

110 Bottles Available Only - Each individually numbered with handwritten production notes. Also included - special limited edition tasting notes card and presentation box

Little French Pete celebrates the best elements of American and French oak whisky maturation with a generous dose of Australian goldfield spirit. Inspired by the success of our Double Wood, we decided to try a special peated edition - but this time reversing the process. We initially matured the spirit in virgin French Oak barrels for two years, before transferring to heavily charred American Oak barrels for the next decade. The result is an amazingly complex yet delicately matured peated whisky. Extremely limited and undoubtedly ‘magnifique’.

Reviews of Little French Pete

Some exceptional Scottish and Japanese malts come to mind when tasting the Little French Pete. From a flavour perspective, it’s new territory for Australian whisky – I doubt I’ve tasted a lightly peated Australian malt with this level of elegance and maturity.

Luke McCarthy – Oz Whisky Review

Love the balance of fruits and gentle spices. Long finish. Truly one of the best Aussie whiskies!

Kelvin Low – The Elysian Whisky Bar

Ruby russet gold.

Tropical fruit salad, mint, herbs, cinnamon, leather

Golden syrup, dark plum, vanilla, dark chocolate, soft tobacco, citrus, cedar wood

Layers of rich, sweet nectar build to a soft crescendo, before slowly ebbing away to leave a lasting memory


approx 48%

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Peat Level

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